Bernard Roddy, introduction

Each of 10 artists prepared a performance in a selected parking space located along a route driven by a van within blocks of OU’s School of Art and Art History. A map listing the location of each stop was printed and handed out during my introduction at 6:00 p.m. outside the main entrance to the School of Art. All 10 artists rode together in the van between each performance, and any number of the participants could be included in an artist’s plan. For my introduction I sat on the van with my legs resting on the windshield and played a cello. I then dropped to the pavement and roller-bladed around handing out the map. These activities were intended to be aesthetically interesting despite my lack of skill at either. As I handed out the map I announced that performance art is not about skill but about creativity. The 10 artists then got in the van, I got behind the wheel, and we drove to the first location.